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Research on Integrated Control Strategy of Automobile Chassis Based on Active Safety

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2020.028


Guocheng Lv

Corresponding Author

Guocheng Lv


With the advancement of electronic technology, sensor technology and vehicle network technology, the electronic control system of automobile chassis represented by electronic stability control has been developed at a high speed, and the loading rate is also increasing, whether it is for the driving safety of the car or Ride comfort has been significantly improved. At present, most of these chassis electronic control systems are designed and developed by individual component manufacturers to improve a certain performance index, without considering the mutual influence and coupling with other electronic control systems. They are simply superimposed and not fully reflected. To achieve their respective performance, it will reduce the overall performance of the vehicle, so integrated control has become the future development direction of automotive active safety technology. Chassis integrated control can fully consider the mutual influence and coupling between the various subsystems, optimize the control objectives or control actions in hardware or software, fundamentally resolve the conflicts between the various subsystems, and achieve the best overall vehicle performance. excellent.


Automobile chassis, Active safety, Control strategy