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Research on Virtual Image Technology in Landscape Sculpture

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2020.026


Mingyan Wang, Donghui Hou, Danshi Luo

Corresponding Author

Mingyan Wang


The virtual image uses its digital technology to intervene in the real field. Due to its characteristics of virtuality, space-time, conceptuality, freedom, and cross-border nature, the multiple construction methods make the artistic creation space more abundant expression possibilities. This is not only a continuous exploration and extension of the boundaries of sculpture, but also an artist's tribute to the times. Hegel believes that “the way of thinking is influenced by the advancing traditional trends of thought and the material conditions of the time.” Then I think we might as well regard virtual images as the materials given to us by the times, which reflect the times because they are born in time. The certain nature of the characteristics not only contains the algorithms that can be achieved by modern technology and computer technology, but also implies the concept of the fusion in the torrent of the times. Landscape sculpture is a physical space with material substance, multidimensionality, touch and accessibility, and interaction with people, combined with virtual images as a virtual medium with diverse expression methods and great creative space, the two intervene in each other The art form can bring people a full range of feelings-visual, auditory, tactile, multi-constructed sense of time, space, etc., so that people can break away from the state of being invisible enslaved by the online landscape to think and re-draw modern people. Distance from real life. The locality of the landscape sculpture itself also achieves the artist's purpose of intervening in the environment to communicate with the audience, opening a dialogue space for the unconscious group that exists in the landscape society.


Vitrual image, Landscape sculpture, Physical space