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Research on Ticketing Data Information Management System

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2020.024


Ming Lei, Yu Zhang, Guiqin Ouyang

Corresponding Author

Ming Lei


With the development of informatization and the continuous improvement of the network operation pattern of metro, metro has entered a new stage of development. Ticketing information has become the management of fine management consensus. In order to solve the problem of tedious, delayed time, high error rate, inconvenient statistical analysis and consumables in the ticketing work in the traditional mode, build a ticketing data informatization management system can help improve operational efficiency, reduce personnel and material costs, optimize resource utilization, and improve work efficiency. At the same time, optimize the multi-level management mode and workflow of ticketing, and establish a good business logic and working model could provide favorable guarantee for standardizing ticket management and strong support for improving the information level of first-line ticket management and also improving the quality of subway operation services as well. Through rigorous scientific management and advanced effective working methods, we will play the role of informatization, integrate and optimize resources, standardize management, save labor costs, improve operational efficiency, and better provide quality services for passengers.


Informatization, Ticket, Specification, Subway