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Design of Intelligent Crawler Fire-Fighting Robot Control System

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2020.021


Songlin Wu, Qian Yang, and Ruobing Ning

Corresponding Author

Songlin Wu


Based on STC89C52 microcontroller and mobile terminal as hardware platform, this paper designs a set of fire robot control system. The system consists of two parts: mobile platform control system and mobile terminal command system. The mobile platform control system is mounted in the mobile chassis of the fire-fighting robot. It enters the fire site or dangerous place with the fire-fighting robot. It is responsible for collecting the environmental data and video information such as the temperature, humidity, flame intensity, toxic gas concentration and so on, and sends them to the mobile terminal command system through the wireless transmission module, and can also receive the control instructions from the computer command system. The command system takes the PC terminal software as the control platform, and the operators use the software to control the fire robot. At the same time, the data and video information returned by the image transmission system are received and displayed on the user interface. The fire situation is identified by the flame sensor and the small water spray device. The system can identify the fire in the fire and automatically open the water spray device, It can realize close fire fighting and prevent fire spreading. The system has the advantages of small size, convenient control, high reliability, strong specificity, independent intelligence and so on. It can meet the control and emergency treatment of some high-risk occasions and meet the basic requirements of fire-fighting tasks to a large extent.


Crawler fire robot, Flame sensor, Image transmission, Stc89c52