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Theoretical Study on Fingerprint Development by Laser

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2020.019


Zhongyuan Ji

Corresponding Author

Zhongyuan Ji


Because of their special physiological structures and stable characteristic systems, fingerprints are widely concerned by departments and scholars of many disciplines all over the world; they are especially important in the field of forensic science. So far, fingerprinting is still the first choice of evidence for most investigation departments in identifying individuals; it is also the focus of researchers in forensic science. Using the non-destructive optical method to reveal latent fingerprints is the preferred method to extract fingerprints. However, in practical work, inspectors on the scene are still unable to quickly discover and extract some old and difficult fingerprints, which leads to the failure of the work. In this paper, the application of laser photography technology and the development of fingerprints by laser are studied to provide a theoretical basis for the study of methods which can enhance the effect of fingerprint development, and effectively improve the efficiency of fingerprint manifesting.


Laser, Fingerprint, Intrinsic fluorescence