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Collection and storage of digital web files based on intelligent management information system

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2020.015


Dong Wang, Wu Zeng

Corresponding Author

Dong Wang


Based on the new information management concept of information construction, this paper analyzes the process management of modern university library from two aspects of logistics and information flow, and puts forward the overall design scheme of Web information management system including five main modules: Web site, public retrieval system (OPAC), web information management system, virtual consulting service system and information feedback evaluation mechanism The purpose of this paper is to build a clear and usable web information space for users. The intelligent information collection and processing system based on web is studied in this paper. On the one hand, it adopts efficient URL de duplication and template based download mechanism, which greatly improves the performance of collecting web resources; on the other hand, it applies mature and advanced natural language processing technology to intelligently classify and summarize the collected information


Information construction, information management, Web, university library