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Polymer Composite Materials Used in Sports Equipment and Its Influence on Competitive Sports

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2020.009


Xudong Yang, Fan Gu, Xin Chen

Corresponding Author

Xudong Yang


To explore the impact of polymer composite materials on the performance of competitive sports and sports equipment, the effects of polymer composite materials in cycling, swimming, and table tennis were studied. The results showed that the composite-based sports equipment significantly helped improving the performance of athletes, whether for cycling, swimming or some other related sports. The results of polymer composite materials for cycling and swimmers were improved by about 3%, and the scores of table tennis players in the starting, receiving, and holding stages were increased by about 6%. To sum up, polymer composite materials are more prominent for sports equipment and athletes in the competitive level, which can be promoted in other sports fields and promote the improvement of high-tech technology for sports.


Polymer, Sports, Equipment, Competition, Athlete