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Preparation and Formation Mechanism of Organometallic Complex Co-Crystalline Micro- nanometer

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2020.007


Siyuan Xiao

Corresponding Author

Siyuan Xiao


Co-crystal is a product in which two or more molecules are co-crystallized by intermolecular forces. According to the force of crystallization, it is divided into 3 kinds: charge transfer conforming crystals, intermolecular π-π interaction, hydrogen bonding and halogen bonding co-crystal, and other types. Because of its shape and properties are diverse from single crystal, it has great designability, and has broad research prospects in the fields of luminescence, photo response, conductance, bipolar electrode transmission and so on. [1] The difficulty lies in the controllable preparation. Based on the demand for controllable preparation in the eutectic field, our group used BeBq2 -TCNB as the main research object to prepare two kinds of BeBq2 -TCNB microcrystals by solution volatilization method. First, this paper will introduce the basic properties of BeBq2, TCNB and its co-crystal and the theoretical basis for the possible formation of eutectic. Next, the preparation method independently explored by the group will be described in detail. In this way, the co-crystals of the one-dimensional regular hexagon structure of BeBq2 -TCNB can be stably prepared. Next, the SEM, fluorescence microscope, fluorescence emission spectrum, optical waveguide and other test results will be used to illustrate the morphology and optical properties of the crystal. The growth mechanism was inferred by analyzing the results of single crystal analysis. Studies have indicated that the crystal has good optical waveguide performance, with optical loss coefficient as low as 0.022db/um, for which may provide potential applications in the field of optical logic gates and optoelectronic circuits.


Organic co-crystal, BeBq2, TCNB, 2-D structure, hexagon structure, optical waveguide