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Air Cooling Structure of Battery Pack for New Energy Vehicles

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2020.005


JiaHua Wu

Corresponding Author

JiaHua Wu


The utility model discloses an air cooling structure for a battery pack of a new energy vehicle, which comprises a structural body, and both ends of the inner part of the protective frame are provided with limited position rods, and an inserting plate one is provided inside the inserting groove one, and the inserting plate One side is provided with a buffer spring, and the other end of the buffer spring is provided with a plug-in plate two. The two ends of the partitioned storage frame of the present invention are provided with limit slots, and both sides of the storage slot are provided with insertion holes and storage slots. Both sides are equipped with a deflector, one end of the deflector is provided with a plug rod, the middle of the top of the deflector is provided with a positioning hole, the bottom of the deflector is provided with a silicone pad, and the end of the deflector is A diversion hole one is provided on one side, and a diversion hole two is provided on the other end side of the deflector. A separate storage frame is added to facilitate the storage of the battery pack, and a diversion plate, a diversion hole one and a diversion hole are added Second, it is convenient to conduct directional air flow, improve the heat dissipation effect, and increase the silicone pad to enhance the sealing performance and play a buffering role.


Air Cooling, Battery Pack, New Energy Vehicles, diversion plate