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Effect of Support Angle of Automobile Engine Rubber Suspension on Dynamic Response

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2020.001


Wang Fengjun

Corresponding Author

Wang Fengjun


In this paper, combined with the research on automobile engine related fields, a three-dimensional solid model of the engine assembly was established according to the main structural characteristics of the actual engine by application of SDRC/Ideas9 software. The dynamic response law of the engine assembly was studied by changing the stiffness parameters, angle parameters and position parameters of the three suspension points of the engine, and it was found that the changes in the suspension parameters have caused the dynamic response of each support point to change. Of which, the change of the stiffness parameter has the greatest effect. After overall considering the modal responses, a suitable support position, support stiffness and angle are selected to achieve better vibration isolation.


Engine, Support Angle, Dynamic Response