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A Comparative Study of Criminology Thoughts Between the New School and the Old School for Social Support Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.128


Xuejing Du, Xiaoqing Zhang, Chengyi Wang

Corresponding Author

Xuejing Du


The theory of social support conforms to the social development needs of contemporary society of China, such as stratification of society, widening income gap frequent conflicts and disputes, and the urgent needs of vulnerable groups to help. It has strong practical significance for the prevention of crimes committed by vulnerable groups, juvenile crimes, and floating population. as well as the comprehensive management of urban crimes. Therefore, this research, starting from the theory of social support, analyzed the criminology thoughts of the old and new schools of criminal laws under this theory, formed a systematic theoretical system based on crime reasons and criminal countermeasures. Besides, this work also conducted researches on various viewpoints in the criminal 1aw for fundamentally grasping the connotation of the criminal 1aw regulations under the theory of social support, thus forming correct criminological cognition based on multiple criminological viewpoints and promoting the development of the theory of criminology for China's criminal law.


Social support theory, Criminal law, Criminological thought