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The Cultivation Model of Tourism Management Professionals in Higher Vocational Education Under the Background of Internet

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.127


Weiqi Zhu

Corresponding Author

Weiqi Zhu


Facing the current situation of low employment rate and high unemployment rate in the major of tourism industry, how to cultivate talents that are needed by the industry has attracted the attention of higher vocational education. The optimization of the talent cultivation model involves many aspects of teaching management and operation, which is a very large and arduous project. Since the tourism management major is a major that integrate with theory and practice, higher vocational colleges should combine the advantages of local teaching resources and school-running characteristics in the training process, and then employ high-quality faculty and targeted teaching methods in the Internet technology environment to enable students to master the basic knowledge of management while receiving rigorous professional training in tourism management. Both theoretical teaching and practical operation are emphasized to cultivate the spirit of innovation, improve comprehensive ability and quality, broaden their horizons, and adapt to the demands of industry finally.


Tourism management, Talent cultivation, Internet technology, Higher vocational education, Teaching program