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Enhancing Business Profitability and Customer Satisfaction: A Precise Study on the relevance of Market Precision

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.125


Andromela Mlambo, Meiyu Fang, Willing K. Mtombe

Corresponding Author

Meiyu Fang


Business ventures have always been elevated to light through the improved relationship between customer expectation and business profitability. Through time, strides have been made to improve the relationship mentioned mostly by companies with the intention to know their markets and the nature of their ever changing customer base. Depending with the type of business, these strides have been heroded to pellucid sight through the precise themes of market precision. Too much power has been given to the relevance of market precision in as much as understanding business ventures through the issues to do with customer satisfaction and venture profitability are concerned. Attention has been directed on how business ventures have strived to attract customers with absolute totality and in turn making profits from their attraction through market precision themes. This study dissected how market precision has enhanced customer satisfaction and venture profitability through how mega service providers have tuned their businesses to ensure the total attraction of customers to enhance both customer satisfaction and Venture profitability. This research further utilized the relevance of secondary sources of data as well as a few interviews from a few customers selected at random and a few workers systematically selected from concerned business ventures to bring to light its core objectives. Also, empirical data was collected from companies like Thwaites Engineering and Top-Star investments, a pair of engineering firms based in South Africa, in Mpumalanga province to be specific in a bid to help shed to light the issues under veritable discussion.


Market Precision, Customer Satisfaction, Venture Profitability, Variable Relationship