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Research on Social Governance of Grass-Roots Government in Heilongjiang Province in the Process of New Urbanization Based on the Transformation of Government Functions

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.123


Yue Qu, Yuenan Liu, Wenbie Li, Xuehong Zhao, Kai Zhao, Cuiting Li, Fengxue Tian

Corresponding Author

Yue Qu


New urbanization is not only an important way to achieve the goal of good governance in China, but also a necessary link in the modernization of social governance in China. The change of public demand, the change of chemical environment and the deterioration of ecological environment call for the government to further change its functions and realize the transformation from attaching importance to economic development to environmental protection, from attaching importance to the growth of things to attaching importance to the all-round development of people; The government in the new urbanization should be the forerunner of urban strategic planning, the implementer of urbanization supporting policies, the maintainer of urban and rural social order, the provider of urban and rural public services and the promoter of urban and rural political and social cooperation. In the transformation of resource development and utilization and agricultural modernization, there are obvious differences in social governance of grass-roots governments in different cities, and the quality and efficiency of social governance directly affect the development process of new urbanization and agricultural modernization in Heilongjiang Province.


Government functions, New urbanization, Heilongjiang province, Social governance