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Research on Classified and Hierarchical Grid Enterprise Operational Data Security Management

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.112


Xin Jiang

Corresponding Author

Xin Jiang


The safety of power information system and power production safety are equally important. With the rapid development of communication technology and information technology, power companies have already realized informatization of production and operation, automation of grid dispatching, marketization of network operations, and modern management, all of which have provided great convenience to the operation and development of power companies. At the same time, the negative impact of the network has penetrated into all aspects of power companies and power production. Information security issues still occur from time to time, posing a serious threat to the safe, stable and high-quality operation of the power system. This article summarizes and analyzes the problems of power system information security threats and information operation, and discusses the countermeasures of power information security from the aspects of power information system security education, security management and technical measures.


Data security management, Hierarchical grid enterprise operation, Information