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Situational Construction, Integration of Literature and History and the Oracles of Croesus: an Interpretation of Herodotus from the Perspective of Structuralism Historiography—A Scientific Research Plan

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.111


Zhang Jianchao

Corresponding Author

Zhang Jianchao


Herodotus was called “Father of history” and “Father of lies” by Cicero for his work History. Since ancient times, due to the difference of people's class standpoint and knowledge structure, there are obvious differences in the interpretation of Herodotus, which leads to people's evaluation of Herodotus is often mixed. This topic is a scientific research plan which hasn't been mature, including the basis for establishing the topic, research contents, research methods, examination indexs and so on, mainly discusses Herodotus and his works from the situation construction(including the integrity and inner structure), the fusion of literature and history, the relativity of texts and synchrony and other angles which all belong to structuralism historiography, and hopes to expand the ways and thinking of Herodotus' interpretation, which has implications for the study of Herodotus.


Herodotus’ histories, Structuralism historiography, Situational construction