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Marketing Strategy Shift Based on the Internet Economy under the Background of 5G

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.106


Zhang Jingliang

Corresponding Author

Zhang Jingliang


With the rapid development of the Internet, the mobile communication technology is upgraded from 1G to 5G and breakthroughs are made in technological revolution one after another. Furthermore, the application of 5G technology has been and will be gradually realized in many fields at present and in the future, which is even related to the development of business and ecology. The unique advantages of 5G technology are virtually changing the direction of social development and people's understanding of the Internet, in contrast, traditional marketing is unable to meet the needs of practical work and many enterprises are faced with unprecedented opportunities and challenges. In order to better enhance the competitiveness of enterprises to create economic benefits, the marketing strategy transformation under the background of 5G technology will be discussed and analyzed in this paper.


Internet, Marketing, Consumers