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Research on Inheritance and Development of Chinese Traditional Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.105


Wei Wei

Corresponding Author

Wei Wei


Chinese traditional culture has a long history and countless treasures, But with the development of society, Some traditions have been gradually ignored and forgotten by modern people, And the resulting social problems cannot be ignored, The reason is that the pursuit of material life cannot meet the needs of modern people, And spiritual food also plays a decisive role in the development and choice of life paths, Although china is currently catching up with and surpassing development, It has made a huge leap in the economy, But at the same time, The global multicultural penetration is also increasing, Chinese people's thinking is gradually converging, And even narrowly thinking that foreign ideas are good and the system is superior, People who go abroad are not confident about traditional culture and other issues, Therefore, How to improve the traditional cultural outlook of modern people, Strengthen the development of cultural undertakings, Improve the cultural industry policy, Optimize the structure of the cultural industry, While inheriting Chinese traditional culture, Innovatively develop traditional culture, And integrate excellent traditional culture into today’s socialism among the values, This is the direction and purpose of this article


China, Chinese Traditional Culture, Cultural Inheritance, Spread