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Study on the Human Development in the Construction of Industrial Ecological Civilization

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.094


Feiyan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Feiyan Zhang


Ecological civilization is the ideological result of mankind's deep reflection on traditional industrial civilization, and is a new concept and new form of the all-round development of man and society. In the past, there was a tendency in theoretical research to leave ecological civilization to study the relationship between human and social development, and human development and social development. Historical materialism believes that the ecological environment is not only the basic condition for human survival and development, but also the basic premise for social survival and development. Only by investigating and thinking about the development of people and society in ecological civilization can we realize the all-round development of people in social development, and promote the all-round development of society in the development of people, can we accurately understand and grasp the problems of all-round development of people and society. Realize the mutual integration and common development of people and society.


Ecological civilization, Industrial construction, Human development