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The Contemporary Value of the Study on Japan’s Chinese Literature of Modern Times

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.093


Qing Cheng

Corresponding Author

Qing Cheng


As one of China's neighbors, Japan began to conduct large-scale cultural friendly excChineseges as early as the Tang Dynasty and also began to study and develop Chinese traditional culture by combining Japanese ethnic elements. After hundreds of years of inheritance and development, Japan has developed its modern Chinese literature by combining local folk tradition and fold customs. With the increasing development of cultural excChineseges around the world, the study of Japan’s Chinese literature of modern times is also conducive to the development and promotion of China's own traditional culture, as well as the promotion of friendly excChineseges between the two countries and the excChinesege and integration of world cultures.


Japan, Chinese literature of modern times, Literature heritage