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On the Building of a High-Level College Faculty Team from the Pespective of Double High-Level Initiative--A Case Study of Zhejiang Institute of Economics and Trade

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.092


Shan Wang

Corresponding Author

Shan Wang


In the early stage of the “double High-level “ Initiative, higher vocational colleges implemented a teacher quality improvement plan through multiple linkages, multiple measures, and funding guarantees, strengthened the training of echelon talents, and guaranteed new teachers to stand on the platform. The strength and level of the teacher team have been enhanced, but the structure and connotation still need to be further improved. Through system construction, platform construction and classified training, clarify the specific goals of high-level teacher team construction during the “double high” construction period, and propose to improve the classification incentive mechanism, implement the “four upgrades” plan; implement the “elite project” to incubate high-level Leading talents and industry-specific talents; actively constructing an international faculty team; standardizing academic ethics and advancing the implementation path of the organizational culture of the teaching and research section.


Vocational colleges, Teaching staff, High-level construction