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Research on the Training Model of Comprehensive Competitiveness for Pre-Employment of Higher Vocational Education Based on the Integration of Production and Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.091


Di Zhang, Xinchun Li

Corresponding Author

Di Zhang


Higher vocational education is an education system based on vocational skills education in the education system of our country. The goal of talent training is high-skilled applied talents that meet the needs of the industry. In recent years, under the guidance of the “employment-oriented” school policy, all local vocational colleges have closely followed the needs of local industries, served corporate job requirements, and deepened the reform of talent training models. The quality of talent training has gradually improved, and the employment rate of graduates has continued to rise. . However, with the deepening of reforms, the employment function of higher vocational education has been overemphasized. Some colleges and universities even directly equate “employment-oriented” with “employment-oriented”, blindly emphasizing the cultivation of students' professional skills and employment skills, and neglecting them. Students' comprehensive quality and career development, low job adaptability behind the high employment rate, and insufficient sustainable development ability are gradually emerging, which not only hinder students' career development, but also affect the sustained and healthy development of local industries.


Training model, Comprehensive competitiveness, Higher vocational education