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Research on Influencing Factors of Employment Ability of Higher Vocational College Students Based on Cultivation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.090


Di Zhang, Hengbin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Di Zhang


With the expansion of college enrollment and the year-on-year increase of college graduates, the difficulty of obtaining employment has increased. College students' independent entrepreneurship has gradually become an important way for college graduates to generate talents and relieve employment pressure. Innovative and entrepreneurial education is the main way to cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial talents. Under the diversified demand for talent training models in higher vocational colleges, the thesis expounds the current and the reasons for the lack of innovation and entrepreneurship ability of graduates in higher vocational colleges, and puts forward some new methods of innovation and entrepreneurship training in higher vocational colleges.


Entrepreneurship ability, Higher vocational college student, Influencing factors