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Research on the Path of Employment Guidance Education and Service System Construction from the Perspective of School-Enterprise Cooperation

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.089


Di Zhang, Pengpeng Yi

Corresponding Author

Di Zhang


Since the 21st century, my country's higher education has entered a period of rapid expansion. University education has gradually shifted from elite education to mass education. The number of graduates has increased year by year. The problem of college students' “difficulty in obtaining employment” has become a hot topic every year. Higher vocational education is an important part of my country's higher education. The number of graduates is equal to that of undergraduates every year. The employment of graduates should be paid attention to by the whole society. As a key part of the employment of graduates in higher vocational colleges, employment guidance is not only the main means to promote the smooth employment of graduates, but also an important part of the daily administration and student management of higher vocational colleges. The establishment of a reasonable and effective employment guidance system in higher vocational colleges is of great significance in terms of schools, society and students. From a historical point of view, China’s higher vocational education started relatively late. In the development process of many higher vocational colleges, they will mainly focus on the construction of campus and scale development, while neglecting the construction of employment guidance system. The employment guidance system of colleges and universities is not perfect. At the same time, due to the lack of participation of enterprises, the effect of employment guidance is quite different from the actual needs of enterprises. The school-enterprise cooperation is a breakthrough to solve many problems in higher vocational colleges and the direction of the future reform and development of higher vocational education.


Employment guidance education, Service system construction, School-enterprise cooperation