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Research on the Application of Big Data Technology in Public Opinion Management

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.085


Zhou Ying, Li Pancheng

Corresponding Author

Zhou Ying


In the information age, big data has brought new opportunities and challenges to the production, life, network and information security of human society. Social public opinion is formed and spread through certain media, which has an important impact on social order and the image of public organizations, so it is often widely and highly concerned by the society. Therefore, how to improve the network public opinion management mechanism under the background of big data becomes very important. Based on this, based on the basic concept of network public opinion work in the era of big data, the author analyzes its problems, and puts forward solutions to these problems by using big data technology, in order to bring about changes in the application of big data.


Big data, Internet public opinion, Management