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Research on the Similarities and Differences: A Study of Monsters in Han and Tibetan Traditional Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.081


Yang Li, Liang Yan

Corresponding Author

Yang Li


The monster culture runs through the history of the development of the Han and Tibetan races. It gradually emerged from the worship of nature by the ancestors, and was later flooded in the culture of various social classes such as government, folk, and religion. The monster culture has been continuously improved and developed. Historically, the Han and Tibetan races have been closely related, and the monster culture has also been exchanged and integrated to a certain extent. Through the exploration of monster culture, we can understand the development history of Han and Tibetan from a new perspective, form a scientific understanding of monsters, and then understand the cultural needs of the Han and Tibetan people through non-mainstream culture.


Han and tibet, Traditional culture, Monster culture, Monster