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An Empirical Analysis of Scented Tea Market Based on Theory of Consumer Behavior

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.080


Jingwen Tan, Qingyuan Xu, Tianjiao Li

Corresponding Author

Jingwen Tan


In order to investigate the behavioral characteristics of consumers in the scented tea market and the factors affecting purchasing decisions, 704 pieces of data were collected in Luoyang City by PPS sampling method for empirical analysis, and four binary logistic regression models were established based on Theory of Consumer Behavior. The results show that the three factors of consumer’s gender, age and understanding of scented tea have a significant impact on the purchase intention; potential consumers have a relatively high willingness to purchase scented tea products through relatives and friends and WeChat; most potential consumers purchase scented tea products for the purpose of giving gifts, so there are higher requirements for product packaging. There is a positive correlation between the income level of potential consumers and their purchase intention. Based on the results of the above model, suggestions are made in the direction of innovating advertising channels, reasonably dividing product lines, combining tourism, and creating well-known scented tea brands.


Scented tea, Theory of consumer behavior, Howard-sheth model, Logistic regression, Empirical analysis