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Research on Gefei Novel Creation Based on Comparative Literature

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.074


Peng Li, Xiaoyan Yin

Corresponding Author

Peng Li


This article chooses one of the important avant-garde writers-Ge Fei's novel creation as the research object. His growth experience, knowledge structure and long-term artistic creativity provide us with vivid cases for general discussion. Ge Fei's consciousness of novel style and his sensitivity and comprehension to novel art have brought about the changes and adjustments in his novel creation, while the reference and absorption of foreign literature has brought new quality to his novel creation. This article traverses the early and late stages of his novel creation from the perspective of comparative literature, puts his novel creation in the context of world literature and combines his Chinese and Western knowledge, trying to find out the traditional Chinese literature and cultural resources in his novel creation. The use of and the complicated entanglement with receiving the influence of foreign literature explore how he successfully handled the relationship between the two and realized the integration of the nationality and the world of literature.


Gefei novel, Creation, Comparative literature