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Study on the Construction of the Development Mode of Wuyuan Huangling Tourist Custom Town

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.070


Yan Peng, Jiaxin Chen

Corresponding Author

Yan Peng


As of December 2019, there are 57 tourist-style towns in Jiangxi Province. Since Wuyuan Huangling became a style town in 2016, due to limited implementation conditions and policies, there have been problems in the construction and operation of the town. Use the method of field survey to issue questionnaires to tourists in Huangling Town, Wuyuan, using online and online methods. It is summarized that in the process of construction and operation of Wuyuan Huangling, there are problems such as weak infrastructure, insufficient secondary consumption, and insufficient creativity of cultural and creative products. It is necessary to improve the infrastructure construction of the town, extend the industrial chain, and dig deeper into the town’s culture. Integrate strategies such as smart tourism elements.


Huangling wuyuan, A small tourist town, Development research