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Comparing Legislative Efficiency of Administrative Reforms: China Vs USA

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.069


He Yuchen

Corresponding Author

He Yuchen


The public administrative agencies have to follow certain legislative regulations in order to approve the claims of the clients. Specifically, the citizens or the other organisations who claim any facilitation from the agencies have to provide the proof for their claim. In this regard, the administrative law is devised and it kept on changing with the passage of time. The reforms are introduced for making the law better and effective which should be more client friendly and easy to implement. In this theme, it is extracted from the media that in 2015, the prime minister of China named Li Keqiang argued that the administrative proofs in China are becoming ridiculous as they are even asking for a proof proving one’s mother as his own. So, the reforms kept on incorporating in the administrative law to make it worthier. Recently, some reforms are developed in the Chinese administrative law in 2016. However, these reforms have hyped the debate that the Chinese administrative regulatory bodies have replicated the administrative reforms of USA. It is also seen that due to many economic, political, social and cultural factors, the replication could not work. So, the current research study explores the efficiency of these administrative reforms in China as compared to USA.


Legislative efficiency, Administrative reforms