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Another Kind of “Interview”: Historical Data Pair Reading and Intertextual Interpretation of Oracle Bone Inscriptions

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.068


Xiangjun Xiong

Corresponding Author

Xiangjun Xiong


The method of mutual view used extensively in “Historical Records” has begun to sprout in the oracle bone inscriptions. Through the parallel reading and intertextual interpretation of historical materials, it can be found that although each moment is a single-line narrative question, it is in different oracle bones and At different times, it has double-line and three-dimensional supplements. The Yin people have a narrative way of mutual understanding between the worship of the gods and the suspicion of the ancestors, the war and peace between the Yin and the Shang and the Fang kingdom, the respect of the oracle by the Shang king and the establishment of his own authority. This method of mutual opinion constructs a relatively loose but relatively systematic narrative time and space. Through symbolic and sacred interrogation activities, the tribal survival wisdom and civilization inheritance are written on the tortoise shell. This primitive and simple narrative method, this broad “method of mutual view”, has certain significance and value for the writing of Yin and Shang history, the study of pre-Qin narratives, and the promotion and popularization of Yin and Shang culture.


Inscriptions on oracle bones, Mutual understanding, Narration, Examples, Value