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Risk Analysis and Countermeasures of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises under Pneumonia Epidemic in Covid-19

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.062


Li Zihuan

Corresponding Author

Li Zihuan


The spread of COVID-19 epidemic caused the short-term stagnation of business activities of small and medium-sized enterprises, the sharp drop of business income, the aggravation of liquidity risk, the increase of credit default risk, the increase of passive layoffs of enterprises, and the prominent bankruptcy risk of enterprises. The sudden epidemic has dealt a serious and incalculable blow to small and medium-sized enterprises. Operational risk prevention is a management method that enterprises can fully foresee and effectively control operational risks on the basis of risk identification, risk assessment and risk analysis, and minimize the consequences caused by operational risks with the most economical method. Maintaining the stability of small and medium-sized enterprises and ensuring their normal operation is not only related to China's economic development, but also an important measure related to the national economy and people's livelihood and social harmony. Based on the environment of COVID-19 epidemic, this paper analyzes the business risks of small and medium-sized enterprises, and puts forward targeted suggestions, in order to help our small and medium-sized enterprises get out of the financing dilemma and resume normal operation as soon as possible.


Covid-19, Small and medium-sized enterprises, Business risk