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Analysis on the Development Status and Innovation Strategy of Online Tourism Customized Products--Take Ctrip and Lvmama for example

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.061


Ningjie Chen

Corresponding Author

Ningjie Chen


Driven by the rapid development of information technology, the upgrading of consumer concepts and the strong demand for personalization, the tourism market is changing rapidly, and tourism, especially customized tourism, has become a choice for more people to travel. This paper is committed to solving the deficiencies of online customized tourism products. By using literature review, investigation analysis and case analysis, some design defects of Lvmama and Ctrip have been solved, and the original design logic has been updated to improve user experience. Strengthen the connection between the customization industry and the tourism industry, and make use of new technology to make content more in line with user expectations; Solutions that leverage emerging technologies to deepen the connection between users and customizers. The research results can provide innovative and improved ideas for Lvmama, Ctrip and all kinds of customized tourism products to improve the travel experience of the general public.


Customized tour, Tourism products, Problem, Strategy