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The Revolution of Affordable Brand Communication in the New Consumption Era after the Epidemic-- Analysis of Uniqlo as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.060


Yuehan Xiong

Corresponding Author

Yuehan Xiong


Throughout the epidemic, the whole world gradually stepped into the fourth consumption era. People's consumption preferences and behaviors changed drastically. Brands need to respond to changes in a different way. Consumers of the clothing industry indicate signs of personalization and become mature in their consumption thinking. In this paper, literature research, investigation, and case study will be used to conduct an in-depth analysis of the spread of affordable brands after the epidemic. Uniqlo, one of the leading fast-fashion brands, demonstrates its brand value, service, and social responsibility in response to the change in consumers' mindset and behavior. Through analyzing its problems that exist in the product market, this essay can propose an optimized strategy for brand communication. The goals include providing theoretical and practical references to other clothing brands and adjusting marketing strategy that is more suitable for Uniqlo's future development.


The new era of consumption, Affordable brands, Uniqlo, Strategy introduction