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Research on the Innovation of Enterprise Financial Management Mode in the Era of “Internet +”

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.057


Xiaojun Ni

Corresponding Author

Xiaojun Ni


In the era of “Internet +”, the efficient management and return on capital brought by the innovative development of financial management of most enterprises have attracted the attention of the public, and promoted enterprises to quickly inquire and sort out information, thus changing the mode and content of corporate financial management. In this paper, through literature research, case analysis, comparative analysis and objective foundation for flexible use, at the same time to the era of “Internet +” enterprise financial management talent, objectives, analyzes the current situation of the development of cash flow, financing, deeply analyze the era of “Internet +” enterprise financial management problems, especially the accounting personnel lack professional knowledge, poor investment objectives and the lack of stability of cash flow and financing mode is relatively single, etc., thus obtained targeted adapt to the development of “Internet +” under the background of the development countermeasure, Including accounting talent test, reasonable investment, planning diversified financing channels and forecast the amount of financing, etc. The purpose is to improve the market competitiveness under the premise of ensuring the normal development of the company.


Internet +, Financial management, Problem, Innovation