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Research on the Characteristics of Abstract Painting

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.050


Luomin Pan

Corresponding Author

Luomin Pan


This article analyzes the painting works of the representative artists of the AbstractSchool and the New AbstractSchool, and conducts an Expandability research on the characteristics of Abstractpainting. The first part, “The Confusion of Light and Color”, is to understand the color of “multi-personality” from a new perspective. Color does not have immutable meanings forever. The signs of color depend on the artist's creative intentions. The second part, “The Musical Sense of AbstractPainting”, analyzes the musicality of painting through points, lines and surfaces. The musicality of painting allows us to think about more possibilities in the parallel world of painting and music. The third part “Reconstruction of Space” analyzes the multi-dimensional space of Abstractpainting, the indifferent two-dimensional space between two-dimensional and three-dimensional, the multi-dimensional space in two-dimensional and the new space. The study of painting space is an important proposition of Abstractpainting. The author hopes to explore the characteristics of Abstractpainting to inspire us how to deal with old things and old topics, to make new thinking, and to provide more templates for artistic creation and thinking on easel.


Abstract painting, Light and color, Music, Space