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An Innovative Study on the Reform of Enterprise Chain Management under the Background of New Normal Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.049


Huihua Zheng, Ping Chen

Corresponding Author

Ping Chen


Based on the theory and practical application of the new normal economy, the paper combines the basic theory of enterprise chain operation management, demonstrates how chain enterprises can use their own characteristics and the overall market opportunities of the industry, and make a reasonable choice of their management model, and Carry out the construction of a staged management guarantee plan. The thesis analyzes and researches the selection and planning process of the chain company's operation and management mode, and thus builds a framework for the construction of the management guarantee scheme, studies the internal and external environment, advantages and problems of the chain company, and demonstrates the chain company's management mode. The necessity and importance of the reform, combined with the realization of the management guarantee plan reached, find the key point for the chain company to combine the business model with the management application. In the context of the new normal economic environment, companies need to continuously incorporate innovative elements into the process of business management to better adapt to the dynamic changes in the market.


The new economic normal, Chain enterprises, Management reform