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Life Consciousness of Literati in Tang and Song Dynasties and the Buddhist View of Impermanence

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.040


Zhongchang Wang

Corresponding Author

Zhongchang Wang


Since ancient times, the ideals of “regulate one's family, govern the country and bring peace to the world” and “the world is equally shared by all” have attracted scholars' attention, making them less concern about themselves in real life. In the face of ups and downs of life, scholars do not have the way to dispel worries brought by personal desires such as fame and wealth. Fortunately, the Buddhist view of impermanence offers life consciousness and the way of relief that Confucianism can not provide. This paper attempts to take Juyi Bai and Anshi Wang as representatives of literati in Tang and Song Dynasties to analyze their life consciousness and the Buddhist view of impermanence.


Life consciousness, Impermanence, Juyi bai, Anshi wang