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The Construction of Emotional Aesthetics in Slow Variety Shows of Healing: a Case Study of China's First Voice Interactive Reality Show Welcome Back to Sound

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.037


Guoao Song, Yiqing Li, Siqi Wu

Corresponding Author

Guoao Song


Welcome Back to Sound is a voice interactive reality show. As China's first live radio + reality TV show, it takes emotional healing as the core appeal, constructs special emotional aesthetics through the exquisite design of the program, and brings unique audio and visual enjoyment as well as emotional comfort to the audience. Based on the theory of aesthetics and TV art, this paper analyzes the mechanism and path of constructing emotional aesthetics in this variety show from four aspects: program concepts, situation settings, the link design and audio-visual presentation.


Emotional aesthetics, Slow variety show, Reality show, Welcome back to sound