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A Study on How to Improve Raters’ Expertise in Rating Cet-4 Compositions

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.034


Junhong Lu

Corresponding Author

Junhong Lu


Online rating of English compositions is often used in all kinds of English tests, and raters have become one of the important factors affecting the rating quality. This paper introduces the rating process of CET-4 English composition, and analyzes the assessment methods of several common types of compositions. In addition, the statistics provided by the system influences raters’ composition rating. This study finally investigates the relevant statistical parameters of the CET Online Marking System to provide reference for raters and examination institutions, thus improving the quality of English essay rating to ensure the fairness, accuracy and the reliability of the examination.


Raters, Etc-4, Online essay rating, Rating process, Quality of rating, Rating reliability