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Study on the Quality Classification and Evaluation of Star Farmhouse in Chengdu, China Based on Factor Cluster Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.033


Qiaoling Liang, Ping Huang, Chuangle Guo, Yanjun Liu, Rui Guo

Corresponding Author

Chuangle Guo


Chengdu is the birthplace of Chinese agritainment, which has become an important part of rural tourism development. Based on the field survey data of 204 star rated farmhouses in Chengdu, this paper uses factor analysis and cluster analysis to evaluate the quality status of star rated farmhouse entertainment in 19 districts, cities and counties of Chengdu by using factor analysis and cluster analysis. The evaluation results are: the overall quality is good. According to the quality related main factors, it can be divided into three types: basic type, normative type and comprehensive type, and most regions present multi type mixed pattern. Among them, the typical of basic type is concentrated in Pujiang County, the typical of normative type is concentrated in Dujiangyan City, and the typical of comprehensive star level is concentrated in Pidu district.


Star farmhouse, Quality evaluation, Factor analysis, Cluster analysis