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Research on Strategies Cultivating the Brand of “Kuaizhai” in CQ Market under the Guidance of High Quality Development

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.024


Min Zeng

Corresponding Author

Min Zeng


China's economy has been transformed from the stage of rapid growth to the stage of high quality development. In 2018, the tobacco industry put forward the strategy of “big brand, big market and big enterprise” which focuses on high quality development. Under the background of high quality development, China Tobacco Sichuan Industrial Co. LTD launched the “hundred-billion-yuan” industry plan in 2019. This article studies strategies which and cultivate the Kuanzhai brand in Chongqing market, in order to play a positive role in the brand industry, and obtain certain results in practice.


High quality development, China tobacco Sichuan industrial co, Ltd, Cultivating the “kuanzhai” brand, Strategy, Swot analysis