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Analysis of the Operation Mechanism of Personnel Management in Universities Using Human Resource Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.021


Liu Yuxin

Corresponding Author

Liu Yuxin


To create a team of high-quality and high-level college teachers is an inevitable requirement for comprehensively fulfilling the strategic task of talents. At present, it is necessary to focus on the implementation of the talent strategy. It should commit to changing the concept of talents, and firmly establish the idea that talent resources are the first resource by following the principle of “openness, mobility, competition, and order” to further improve and perfect the management system and operation of college teachers mechanism. It also should adhere to the rule of law and actively promote the system construction of the teaching team and continue to do a good job of attracting and training high-level creative talents. According to this background, this study focuses on the analysis of the current situation of human resource management in universities and proposes the human resource management system with the innovation of operating mechanism. Based on the behavioral characteristics of relevant economic stakeholders, this study has established a model of human resource management in universities by analyzing the behavior choices of various stakeholders and conducting theoretical explorations for establishing an effective human resource management system in universities.


Universities, Teachers, Human resources, Management