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Research on the difficulties and strategies of the inheritance of the long-horn dance culture of Yao nationality in Guangxi

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.010


Mo Chuanxia, Lin Shiying

Corresponding Author

Mo Chuanxia


Due to the development of modern urban culture and the continuous emergence of various new cultural elements, people are more and more indifferent to the inheritance of minority culture, and the inheritance and development of Yao nationality’s long-horn dance has become precarious. Therefore, it is urgent to study the cultural connotation and contemporary inheritance strategy of Yao long-horn dance. Based on the investigation and analysis of the existing protection of Yao nationality's long-horn dance culture, this paper puts forward a four-in-one inheritance strategy of “integrating the school, enterprise, industry and government”, so as to make the long-term inheritance of Yao long-horn dance culture.


Yao long-horn dance, cultural heritage, strategy research, four-in-one mechanism