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Research on Urban Low-Carbon Transportation Development Strategy in Shanxi Province

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.009


Mao Qi

Corresponding Author

Mao Qi


With the rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles and the continuous increase in total pollutant emissions, the resulting urban pollution problems have become increasingly severe and have attracted attention from all parties. The development of low-carbon transportation has become the strategic direction of Chinese urban transportation development. Based on the current status of urban traffic and the relevant data of Statistical Yearbook in Shanxi Province, this article calculates the carbon emissions of the transportation industry by the forecast method of IPCC traffic carbon emissions. In addition, it analyzes the impact factors of provincial urban traffic carbon emissions through SPSS principal component analysis and multiple linear regression. Finally, the empirical results are analyzed to provide strategies for the development of urban low-carbon transportation in Shanxi Province.


Urban Low-Carbon Transportation, Carbon Emissions, Principal Component Analysis, Development Strategy