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Analysis of information disclosure issues in the cooperation between official media and self-media in the context of integrated media to respond to public crises

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.007


Xiaojin Qin

Corresponding Author

Xiaojin Qin


At present, the development of media integration has become a new requirement. At the same time, public crisis incidents frequently occur. Studying how official media and self-media to carry out information disclosure collaboration in sudden public crisis incidents is important for shaping government credibility and enhancing the trust relationship between media significance. Based on the case of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, this article analyzes the problems in the official media information disclosure and the advantages and disadvantages of the self-media information disclosure, and discusses how the official media and the self-media use the financial media to carry out division of labor and cooperation on information disclosure. This research hopes to have certain enlightening significance for the government and the media to improve the ability of information disclosure and the level of information communication.


Integrated media, Public crisis, Information disclosure