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Study on Battery Energy Management and Optimization Strategy for Electric Vehicles

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2020.005


Xianglin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xianglin Zhang


Electric vehicles with the advantages of low noise, zero emission and energy saving are the development trend of automobile industry. But due to the influence of current battery technology, the driving range of electric vehicles is far from the level of fuel vehicles. Fortunately, excellent battery energy management control strategy can solve this bottleneck problem to a certain extent. HESS energy management strategy is widely used in electric vehicle. However, compared with the traditional EV with single power supply, the energy management strategy of electric vehicle with HESS is more complex, because it needs to allocate input / output power to each power supply according to the appropriate driving conditions. Therefore, this paper analyzes the working status of the HESS, summarizes the logic framework of the energy management strategy, and then analyzes and determines the appropriate logic threshold parameters from a reasonable perspective, and finally proposes an energy optimization management strategy.


Electric vehicle, Battery energy management, HESS