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Analysis and Advice About the Effect of Education Voucher System on Migrant Children's Compulsory Education

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DOI: 10.25236/eeaet.2020.064


Sitong Lyu

Corresponding Author

Sitong Lyu


Education problem faced by migrant children has become a hot topic of society. Among all solutions, education voucher system can help migrant children overcome challenges of entering school during compulsory education, improve educational quality, and safeguard educational equality. Analyzing migrant children's financial need on education and education voucher system at existing pilot sites is then an efficient way to improve education voucher system and solve migrant children's educational problems. People should increase education vouchers' face value properly, use past experiences to increase pilot sites, and establish other relevant policies as support to education voucher system, thus promoting educational justice.


Education voucher system, migrant children, compulsory education