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Application of Translation Workshop in Translation Teaching for College English Majors

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DOI: 10.25236/eeaet.2020.061


CHEN Cheng

Corresponding Author

CHEN Cheng


With the development of time, my country's theoretical and academic research on translation teaching has shown a diversified and diversified development trend. In order to cultivate more translators who adapt to the times and social development process, a new teaching model of translation workshop was proposed. This teaching mode is to focus on the final actual teaching effect and regard students as the core of the whole teaching mode. Under the guidance of this teaching model, students will form different groups according to different translation tasks. Each group can obtain corresponding translation tasks and translation scenarios, and complete corresponding teaching tasks through group cooperation. Therefore, this article mainly studies the application principles and methods of translation workshops in college English translation teaching, which can ultimately provide a theoretical basis for improving the effectiveness and substantive quality of college English professional translation teaching.


Translation workshop, College english major, Translation teaching