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Research on Talent Cultivation and Teaching Reform of e-Commerce Specialty in Tourism Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/eeaet.2020.060


Song Jia

Corresponding Author

Song Jia


The training of e-commerce professionals in tourism vocational colleges focuses on high-level talents who meet the development needs of enterprises and industries, have professional vocational skills and craftsmanship. In tourism vocational colleges, there are certain problems in e-commerce majors in terms of talent training. There are two main types of problems: First, the dominant majors in tourism vocational colleges are mainly tourism, not e-commerce. Teachers and educational resources are relatively not concentrated; the second is that the e-commerce professional curriculum is biased towards general e-commerce companies, and it does not highlight the characteristics of tourism and decouples from the needs of the industry. Therefore, the training and teaching of e-commerce professionals in higher tourism vocational colleges must be reformed to meet the actual needs of the market, industry, and enterprises. This paper studies e-commerce professional personnel training and teaching reform in tourism vocational colleges, and provides specific reform ideas for them, and finally cultivates tourism e-commerce professionals with high quality and high professional skills.


Tourism vocational colleges, E-commerce major, Talent training, Teaching reform